Wine and Food Festival 04-07-10

I went to my first foodie festival last week with a friend and oh my goodness, it was quite amazing, although it was definitely more a wine than food festival. There were much to taste and try, and my favourite stand was probably BRAMLEY and GAGE, which hosted a whole rainbow selection of fruit liquers and gin, yum =)

BRAMLEY and GAGE display stand.

Small things amaze me, and so came about my first introduction to what my friend classed as "latte art".  Who knew a paper cup holding hot chocolate could look so pretty? Our one had a delicate leaf like pattern on the top, which I have since looked up how to create.  I have to say though that upon practicing it, it looks a lot easier than it is! My first three attempts have ended up in a messy spill of coffee everywhere or a very ugly cappuccino.  Sad times.  Before I return to the Ford though I do hope to have mastered how to create a semi-decent one at least! 

Mmmm... "Latte Art" on top of a hot chocolate

We also got free tickets for a champagne and chocolate tasting masterclass, I never thought the two went together but I stand corrected, it was a beautiful combination!

Champagne and Chocolate tasting masterclass
It was a lovely day out and I would definitely love to go to other food festivals; although perhaps more focused on the food element rather than the alcohol, the 2 hour journey home on the train was rather a jolly one!
A view from my train chugging me back home


  1. OMG that latte art is incredible! I love yr new blog.

    This is Chloe, btw, in case you couldn't guess...but probably you'd know it was me anyway. ^__~

  2. Hey! Interesting name... Latte art is amazing, shame I haven't mastered it yet ;) I'm getting bored of drinking cappuccinos already!

  3. Can you do latte art on other things? I can't have milky drinks, obviously, and I feel DEPRIVED of coffee-related fun times... xxx

  4. Well hot chocolate and any other hot milk thing, but cappuccinos are smaller so can drink more... I usually have black coffee though so it's weird having it milky!


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